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The National at Ave Maria - Bundled Golf

The National G&CC at Ave Maria is a Lennar (the Builder) bundled golf development. Lennar has been building bundle golf communities in the southwest Florida area since the 1980s.

With bundled golf, club membership is included with the home, there is no club initiation fee. At the National, club membership is "bundled" with the home, and can never be unbundled. When an owner sells their home, the club membership goes to the new owner.

In a bundled golf community, there are typically 800 memberships (homes) for an 18 hole golf course. The National plans on building 1,290 homes, with 800 homes having golf and the other homes have the country club membership only (no golf). 

A typical golf club would have 300 memberships. With 800 memberships, tee times in the busy winter months will be through an allocation system.  The system gives priority to those members that haven't played as much as others. Once the club has 800 members, if an owner expects to play 4 to 5 times a week in these busy months, they will be disappointed. 

Bundled golf communities have great fee savings for its members. Instead of sharing golf course operating costs with 300 members, the same cost is being share by 800 members instead. 

National at Ave Maria Home Types

Only Del Webb of Naples and the National communities have both single family homes and condos at Ave Maria. The National condo buildings are called Terraces, Verandas and Coach Homes. As discussed above, some buildings will include golf club memberships, while other building include the club membership, but not golf.

Terraces - Are the least expensive homes at the National. They are 30 condos per building and range in in size for two bedroom at 1,120 sq. ft. up to a two bedroom plus den, at 1,301 sq. ft. Terrace condos come with a carport.

Verandas - Verandas are two-story buildings, with either six or eight units on the first floor, and the same number on the second floor.  Verandas are all two bedrooms, plus den. They range in size from 1,355 sq. ft. for middle unit to 1,569 sq. ft. for an end unit. Verandas come with a detached one car garage.

Coach Home - Are two story building with two condos on the first floor and two on the second. They are called  "coach homes" as they come with larger two car garages suitable for a "coach." Coach homes are all three bedroom homes. Condos on the first floor are 1,741 sq. ft. and second floor homes are 2,110 sq. ft.

Terrace Condo Building Year 2003 vs 2023 Floor Plan
The builder Lennar has been building these same condo buildings in the Southwest Florida area for over 25 years. Overtime they have been enhanced and slightly modified, but the base product has remained very similar over the years.

For example, the Terrace building Birkdale floor plan used to be called the Brookside. The Brookside floor plan was first introduced at Naples Heritage and gradually evolved over many years. When the kitchen was redesigned and reposition in a different are of the great room, the Brookside was renamed the Birkdale.

This redesigned was a major upgrade as it more than doubled the amount of kitchen cabinet and storage space. Back in 2003 the great room was carpeted, not tile, the countertops were Formica, carports were made of steel and the appliances were not stainless steel. A big difference from what comes standard at the National today.

The Veranda and Terrace building designs were those of US Homes, a builder Lennar acquired in the early 2000s. The Coach Homes had been an original Lennar designed building.

The National at Ave Maria Single Family Homes

There are several different home styles at the National Golf and Country Club to choose from. The homes range from two-bedroom, 1,850 sq. ft. to three-bedroom 2,799 sq. ft.
The homes differentiate by size, bedrooms, styles, type of view (lake, preserve, golf), garage spaces and whether the home has a golf membership, or a club membership, with no golf.

The National at Ave Maria Fees

All homeowners at The National Golf and Country Club at Ave Maria are members of that organization, and all pay the same fee. The National G&CC is a Homeowners Association (HOA), that all owners are part of. In addition to belonging to the HOA, eight hundred homes are also members of the National Golf Club, with a separate golf club fee. The National Golf Club is a recreation association. No different than the tens of thousands of golf clubs in the US. 

The single-family homes do not have a separate homeowners association. Instead, the Master HOA also acts as the single-family home HOA. It takes care of the single family homes' landscaping, for a separate fee, and enforces the rules and regulation related to the single-family home neighborhoods. 

There are many different condo associations at the National, such as Veranda I, Veranda II, etc. Each of these associations have separate governing Boards and separate budgets, which determines the condo fee they pay each year.

All owners are also members of the Ave Maria Town Assoc., and all pay the same fee. The fee is mostly for the Town's parks, fitness center and scheduled activities. In 2023 the quarterly collected fee was $209 per home.

Lastly there is a Community Development District (CDD) that funded the building of infrastructure for the Town and the National G&CC. It is called the Ave Maria Stewardship Community District, and assesses each home a fee on the home's property tax bill. The fee will vary by type and size of the home.

For example, a Coach Home I owner who is also a member of the golf club, will pay the Coach Home I condo fee, the National G&CC HOA fee, the Golf Club Fee, the Ave Maria Town fee, and a CDD fee levied on the annual property tax bill.
The National G&CC Homeowner Fee Structure
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